Our Core Values

Jesus is the Center - Colossians 1:15-23

Just as every tree needs roots to grow, we grow only when we are rooted in Jesus. We keep him at the center of our preaching, teaching, and decision making. Full devotion to Jesus is normal for every believer. 

Each Part Plays a Part - 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

We believe that God’s plan for our church is accomplished best when every person uses his or her talents and abilities in a unified effort to glorify Him. The Holy Spirit has empowered every Christian with unique gifts and influence to serve and strengthen the Church.

Connection Grows in Circles not Rows - Acts 2:42-47

Sunday morning worship services are great and pivotal to what we do. But real connection happens in smaller, intimate groups. We value our Sunday school classes and Home Discipleship groups as opportunities to connect with each other.

Build Better Families - Deuteronomy 6:4-9

God has a purpose for the family. With all the negative outside influence on kids, struggles to keep marriages together, pressures of single parenting, and the balance of work and family life, it is not easy to raise a family in the world today. Our goal is to strengthen marriages and come alongside parents in all types of families to help them raise their kids to become followers of Jesus.

One is Greater than Ninety-Nine - Luke 15:1-7

Just like the Good Shepherd left the ninety-nine sheep in the open field to find the one that was lost, we will do whatever it takes to reach people who are far from God.

Our Mission

Reach the Community, Raise the Called, Ready the Commissioned

Our Vision 

We envision a church that is a loving community of believers that is biblically literate, committed to godly living, and actively reaching the lost.

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible and do not subscribe to any formal human creed. There are, however, core beliefs that we hold as foundational to our faith.

  1. God. God exists in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. God is the all-powerful Creator, loving Sustainer, and righteous Judge of the universe.

  2. Jesus. Jesus is God the Father’s one and only Son, born to Mary, a virgin. Jesus lived a sinless life, was crucified, died, was buried, resurrected, and ascended to heaven so that we might accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Jesus will return to earth again as He promised.

  3. Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides and gifts believers for life and service in the Church.

  4. Scripture. The Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word. It is our guide for the pattern of the Church and Christian life, as well as God’s revelation of saving Truth.

  5. The Church. The worldwide and local Church includes all who live in a covenant relationship with God through Jesus. The Church is the Body of Christ on earth today for the purpose of reconciling the world to God.

  6. Salvation. Because of Jesus’ sinless life, sacrificial death, and powerful resurrection, those who believe in Him will not receive the punishment deserved because of their sin, but they will receive God’s gracious gift of eternal life.

  7. Becoming A Christian. A person becomes a Christian by entering into a Covenant Relationship with Jesus by believing, repenting, confessing, being baptized, being forgiven, receiving the Holy Spirit, and obeying God’s commands.

  8. Growing in Christ. The local church provides a nurturing environment in which every Christian can be encouraged in godliness, can grow in faith and knowledge of God, and can be equipped to serve God. We elect our own leaders, the elders, and we believe that they have been ordained by God to direct the affairs of the Church and to provide for that environment under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with God's will.

Our History

Prior to 1965, the need for a New Testament church in Pittsburg, Kansas, had been recognized independently by several individuals. Preliminary surveys conducted at the initiative of some of those individuals, among whom were B. A. Austin, Sr., Chester Williamson, and B. A. Austin, Jr., indicated that there was a strong potential nucleus for the new church. During the spring and summer of 1965, various area ministers and Orville Brill contacted a number of prospective members to form a nucleus to begin the new church. With the support and encouragement of the Four State Christian Men's Fellowship, an organizational meeting was held on October 24, 1965, at the Pittsburg YMCA. Sixteen Pittsburg residents, along with several representatives of the Four state Christian Men's Fellowship, attended the meeting. As a result of that meeting, 15 of the group decided to begin meeting weekly for Bible study until plans could be completed for a full-time activity. Initially, the meetings were held in the Orville Brill Home, and the original participants consisted of the Wayne Hays Family, Mrs. Atha Barker, and the Orville Brill family.

Beginning in March 1966, Sunday evening services began at the Schlanger Park Community Center with part-time minister Gerald Sappington, a student at Ozark Bible College. With the financial support of the Men's Fellowship and several area churches and individuals, the church was able to hire Leroy Knight as it first full-time minister in July 1966.

The church rented the Seventh Day Adventist Church building at 21st and Grand on Sundays, and the first full day of services was held on August 7, 1966, with 50 present and 21 placing their memberships. Of the 21 placing membership on that Sunday, Orville and Elizabeth Brill, Celia Good, Elinor Hays, and Betty Wilson remain active in the congregation today. The congregation, which was called Central Christian Church, began at that time to plan for the construction of its own building. During the fall of 1967, Central Christian Church began meeting regularly at the YMCA when the building at 21st and Grand was no longer available.

In the fall of 1967, Central Christian Church purchased 3.5 acres of land in the new Countryside Addition on East Fourth Street for $3,500. Ground breaking services were held at the site on April 28, 1968. Construction began immediately afterward, with the members of the church contributing heavily in time, labor, and money. The first services were held in the new building on September 22, 1968, with an attendance of 185. On October 13, 1968, the name of the church was changed to Countryside Christian Church. An educational wing was added to the church building in February 1975, and a new auditorium and classroom addition was completed in June 1980. In 2001, continuing growth made it necessary to add a second worship service to accommodate the congregation. This growth also prompted the construction of a new facility, completed in May 2002, containing several classrooms, a large kitchen, fellowship hall/gymnasium, restrooms/showers, and a small group dining room. In 2003 the original building and the educational wing were remodeled and updated to better serve the current needs.

Countryside Christian Church was instrumental in the establishment of Campus Christians at Pittsburg State University. Many of the students have been active in the congregation, and some of them have remained as permanent residents of Pittsburg, serving in many capacities in the church. Many others have gone to other places and are actively involved in Christian churches in their communities.