Led by Ed Martin

Room 208 | Across from Church offices

Acts is the story of the early church. Following the conclusion of our study of the Book of Acts, we will be looking church history from the 1st generation after the apostles to other important people and events in the church to the Reformation to the Restoration Movement from which Countryside has its roots.

Is the Bible RElevant?

Led by Dan Nance

Room 103 | East Side of Auditorium 

During this study, we will share the theme, “Christ in All and Over All.” These lessons will highlight the fact that Jesus Christ is central to the entire Bible—both Old and New Testaments—and that all of Scripture points to him.

Living the Life: Called By God

Led by Orville Brill & Clayton Kent

Room 210 | Fellowship Hall

The class will discuss various people throughout the Bible who answered God's call and made significant accomplishments on His behalf. Some stepped forward and others had to be impressed into service. What did they have in common? What motivated them? How were they prepared for their calling? What about us? How are we called in our time? How are we prepared?  How do we recognize how we can serve best?

women's class

Led by Rosie Borchardt

Room 207 | Across from Church offices

As Christians, the salvation Jesus provides has released us from Satan’s stranglehold; however, God still grants Satan some authority in this world! As believers in Christ, we must hold fast to John’s writing, “The One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”.  Join us as we search the scriptures for answers to questions Christians have about understanding God, the works of Jesus, scripture, salvation, and other spiritual topics.

International Students' Class

Led by Don Smith

Room 301 | Next to the Kitchen

Pursue knowing, loving, and serving God and knowing and loving people. Join this class as a way to care for international students.

What We Believe

Led by Lynn Hoover

Room 104 | East side of the auditorium

Whether you have recently become a member, have just been attending a short while, or have been with us for some time, you might have questions about our beliefs and doctrine, our history, or our practices. Beginning, September 10th, we will offer a video class by Bob Russell called, “What We Believe.” We hope would love for you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about us!


For men: Eric Jameson

Classroom south of the Fellowship Hall 

For women: Jenny Jameson

Room 226 - Education Wing

In his book Heaven, Randy Alcorn provides us with a thoroughly researched and biblically definitive description of heaven. Join us as we look at questions about heaven, including the nature of judgment, and develop a deeper understanding of our eternal destination and find the courage to strive for heaven while living on Earth.

first class citizens

Led by Carl Fogleman & Melinda Adair

This class is designed for special needs adults. We read and talk about Bible stories and their meaning and have special times of prayer and fellowship.